Who is Nardwuar ?

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a living legend.


Who is Nardwuar?

He’s based in Vancouver, BC, and he films interviews with people (mainly music artists). ‘An interviewer?’, we hear you say? What’s the big deal? The big deal is that Nardwuar is one of the most entertaining, quirky and downright fearless human beings on the planet.

And when I say Nardwuar is fearless, that’s a direct quote from a deeply stoned Snoop Dogg in an interview from 2010, which is high praise indeed. Along with a kamikaze attitude, Nardwuar has a guerrilla interview style: he often ambushes stars with a microphone and film crew (although when he did this with movie maker Michael Moore, things got pretty rowdy with a rival film crew who had actually booked their interview time)… Others express themselves towards him in words like ‘fucking crazy’ (Ice Cube), ‘nuts’ (Glenn Danzig), ‘bizarre’ (Jeff Hanneman of Slayer) and ‘keep taking the pills’ (Godfather of Goth, Bauhaus’s Peter Murphy).

Pharrell Williams Tweet

Pharrell’s tweet

His latest interview, Nardwuar vs Questlove was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by Pharrell William’s project ‘I Am Other’.  In it, Nardwuar impresses Questlove, so for all fans of either music aficionado, this is a real must watch, it’s like walking in on two  incredibly knowledgable people having a long chat, in which Questlove is constantly surprised by Nardwuar’s knowledge.

Questlove Nardwuar interview

Nardwuar vs Questlove

Maybe the main reason Nardwuar gets such emotional responses is because he always begins with ‘Who are you?’ – now, your average egocentric media personality is gonna get pretty much pissed off by this… Or maybe the emotional responses are due to his gifts – Nardwuar always has great gifts for his interviewees, and because they’re usually working hard and on tour, they’re normally really appreciative of the albums, videos and other cool stuff:



Lady Gaga couldn’t stop hugging the Backstreet Boys pillow that he gave her, and Snoop Dogg was genuinely tickled by an old VHS tape of one of his long-lost movies (it’s not so clear how Ice Cube really felt about the Cheech N Chong ashtray, but he at least pretended to like it)…

Nardwuar gift lady gaga

Nardwuar gives Lady Gaga Backstreet Boys pillow

Or maybe the emotional responses are due to Nardwuar’s crazy dress-sense (he actually does dress like a crazy person)… Or his loopy freeze-frame grin at the end of each interview…Or his catch phrase of ‘Doot Doola Doot Doo’ (appropriate reply = ‘Doot Doot’).

But there’s method in his madness. Because by provoking an emotional response in an interviewee, he puts them off-guard, and in doing so is able to reach underneath their jaded exteriors and pull out a unique and hugely entertaining interview every time.  We guarantee, his interviews are miles more entertaining than the norm.  Who doesn’t love stars being thrown off-balance by a crazy guy who knows more about them than themselves.

Check out his YouTube channel to get a real flavour for what we mean here.


Tyler the Creator Nardwuar interview

Tyler the Creator x Nardwuar

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