Daft Punk vs Jai Paul – The Hype Machine

So after 8 long years away from the game, Daft Punk are most definitely back, and hype is here, as they’re set to release ‘Random Access Memories’ May 20, 2013.

However, on April 13th, as the whole world was listening to Daft Punk’s track listing announcement, a self-titled Jai Paul album was mysteriously dropped, including 16 tracks, all at different bit rates…

Jai Paul Everlasting

At the time, it was thought Paul released the album discretely himself, as it fits with his persona – to be a little under the radar. However, it was later discovered that this was an illegal upload by someone else, and they were in fact old, unreleased tracks, according to a tweet from Paul and statement from XL recordings.

Jai Paul twitter comment

So let’s compare the two. Daft Punk have been gone for almost a decade, but have a loyal fan base for the array of memorable/groundbreaking/plain brilliant tracks they’ve produced; if there’s a canon for electronic music, they’re in it. And any time Pharrell Williams is involved, there’s bound to be serious hype. So before they even released Random Access Memories, their collaborations with Pharrell, Get Lucky, Daft Punk broke the Spotify one-day streaming record, previously held by British band Bastille’s single Pompeii in the UK.

Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s interview with Rolling Stone, videos on collaborating with Panda Bear (Animal Collective) and their work with Pharrell and Nile Rogers, are enough to attract all the hype ears paying head.

But comparison, Jai Paul’s fake album upload got NME, Pitchfork, the Guardian and Annie Mac amongst many other all talking about him, when the limelight was meant to be on Daft Punk. Better yet, such little effort was needed to achieve this hype, (just setting up a fake bandcamp profile), and the buzz was there..

And with just a single tweet denouncing the album leak as unofficial, Jai Paul racked up nearly 10,000 twitter followers, and reminded the music world how highly anticipated his eventual album release will be. So although fans may be left disappointed, (especially those that deemed Paul’s album ‘the best of 2013′), they all became a key part of the hype machine, and reminded us that 16 tracks of good content and a little mystery can go incredible far. Nearly as far as a great pair in robotic masks with a much higher marketing budget.

daft punk review random access memories

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