To Skate and Protect – Vans Waffle iPhone Case

If you have an iPhone, a cool case to protect it is a must, enter the Vans Waffle iPhone Case.

I’ve been skating for years, and don’t even own a pair of Vans.  But when I first saw this case I knew I needed one.

It’s silicone feel, flexibility, durability and pretty awesome-ness replicates an actual Vans shoe.

Unfortunately for me, when these were first launched they sold out in a day!  So Vans decided to produce some more by popular demand.


The case itself has the exact same waffle sole as all Vans shoes; the iconic tan sole stretches across the entire back of the case. It features the ‘Off the Wall’ heel tag on the side, and the toe-cap replica on top, making it a real homage to the shoe.  There’s even an Official Vans logo stamp on inside front.
From a practical perspective, a nice little feature is the slight raise between the case and where your phone fits; so if you place it face-down on a surface, the iPhone itself doesn’t touch the surface, preventing scratches etc.

The entire case is made from gum rubber, with a great silicone feel.

So like I said, I don’t even own a pair of Vans shoes, but I skate, and I love the Vans Waffle iPhone Case for the way it not only protects my phone, but for the lifestyle it represents.

Both the official White/Tan and Black/Tan colour combinations for iPhone 4 / 4S are available at our shop – check them out here!

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