BB King – Rock Your Soul!

Pay tribute to “The King of Blues” BB King!

Known for his fluid string bending and a shimmering vibrato that left others in pure awe, BB King is, in no uncertain terms, the man many blues artists wish they were.

BB King Rock Your Soul Music T-Shirt from Onlyteesin

BB King Rock Your Soul Music T-Shirt from Onlyteesin

He’s sat on his throne for nearly four decades, entering countless charts, and rocking more souls than any mere mortal can comprehend. 50 albums have found their way out of King’s head, only to be burnt into the hearts of countless souls. At his peak he was playing nearly 300 shows a year. Not that he’s slowed down too much mind, as he still seemingly loves nothing more than grabbing his guitar and heading out on the road, preaching the word of blues to a loyal congregation of eager, willing souls.

Other royals of the music industry have already knelt before him. Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck are some of his most well-known subjects, all citing The King as a major influence.

In fact one has to wonder whether the many souls he’s touched has led to his long and prosperous rule over America’s favourite music. At the ripe old of 76, he’s still light on his feet, still energetic, and still singing with the sort of energy you would associate with someone 50 years his junior.

Kings and queens are remembered forever, showing an immunity to time that no normal man or woman can ever even dream of.

Indeed BB King has no concept of time. The day you find him in a retirement home, dwelling on memories of past glories, is the day that the blues itself is extinguished and taken away from the face of the earth.

Until then the world remains grateful of having the honour of housing a living legend that is as alive as the music he plays.  Now’s the chance for you to show your appreciation with our BB King Rock Your Soul T-Shirt.

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