Get ready for London 2012 with our Olympic Records Tee

They seek him here they seek him there…

We’ve come a long way since The Beatles and the swinging 60s but that’s right my dear friends its official – the London Olympics are just around the corner making London Town cool again. It’s just like in the good old days when The Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles and put old blighty on the map, making London the place to be for music and fashion.

If we rewind back in a few years to ‘Cool Britannia’ we’re remember Britpop became the new rock n roll. Whether you sided with Blur or Oasis in the ‘Battle of Britpop’ we all donned a Fred Perry, zip-up sports jacket or parker to show off our new indie credentials in some dingy club in Camden Town. Now we can get all puffed up with pride as we become the place for sport too.

So let’s do what we do best and show off our style and fashion credentials by emblazing an Olympics Record Tee across our chests.

Olympic Records Shirt Logo

This Olympics tee depicts what first made us cool by representing Olympic logo ring made out if vinyl. From the I’m Famous brand this Olympic t-shirt comes in both blue and grey so you’ve got the choice to look like a dedicated follower of fashion. This Olympic tee looks great with skinnies and baggy jeans too, so you can really make it yours.

Olympics T Shirt

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