Think different! – This apple inspired tee is only £12.99

Can you name the well known person on our t-shirt? – Can you believe it? it’s Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple, the man behind the Mac who died in October

Can you name the well known person on the tee, of course you could!

Steve Jobs apple ad campaign tribute t-shirt on sale now

This design comes from artist / fashion Designer Dylan Rosco ( the tee has one of the most elaborate and amazing “text art” designs we have ever seen. We first fought this was John Lennon because of the all the text, but I eventually found myself looking at a huge image of Steve Jobs face.

The entire composition is from the famous “Think Different” ad campaign from the 1990′s for Apple. The campaign, which you can learn more about ( was designed by Chiat/Day and featured a piece of text, coined “the Crazy Ones” which is a tribute to those who think differently (

This design’s text is all from the “crazy ones” campaign using the fonts Apple has used over it’s lifetime.

Steven Paul Jobs, and apple computers, and all things mac, macpro, macbook i love, the new iphone! Without steve we wouldn’t have any of these!!!

This tee pays tribute to the ace, the tee comes in blue or black and at 12.99 is a real bargain.

Click here to buy or view >> – just in case

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2 Responses to “Think different! – This apple inspired tee is only £12.99”
  1. Sean says:

    I remember that campaign from apple, as always they’ve always been so innovative and different. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the greatest, if not the greates leader the world has ever seen, the man who freed he’s country with peace, and a man that the world will never forget, talking about legacy?

  2. Susan says:

    The illustration on this t-shirt is really amazing, especially when you look closer and examine the various sentences making up Steve’s face. Its effect is both calming and disconcerting.

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